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Lot 15, Noi Hoang Industrial Complex, Noi Hoang Commune, Yen Dung District, Bac Giang Province, Vietnam.


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What is a dry scrubber?

Dry Scrubber is an air purification equipment used to treat pollutants in industrial waste gas. In contrast to wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers operate without liquid

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acid gas removal

Maintenance guide for wet scrubber

To ensure safety, meet environmental functions, and regulatory compliance, it is basically whether your factory’s wet scrubber can pass regular operation. Maintaining normal operations requires routine protection,

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h2s scrubbers for sale

How do H2s scrubbers work?

H2S scrubbers, also known as hydrogen sulfide scrubbers, are devices used to remove hydrogen sulfide gas from various industrial processes, wastewater treatment systems, and other

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