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Wet scrubber

The wet scrubber can be used to treat the acid mist waste gas generated in the industrial production workshop, and the acid mist is sprayed, washed and purified and then discharged up to the standard. The mist exhaust gas enters from the lower part of the tower body, passes through the packing layer, the spray layer and the demisting layer from the bottom to the top, and then is discharged from the top exhaust port. The wet scrubber is made of PP sheet reel after forming and welding. The body is designed with a circulating water tank, an acid mist inlet, a filler layer, a filler bearing grille, a spray layer, a defogging layer, an exhaust gas outlet, a discharge port, a filler inlet, Observation windows, etc.


How Wet Scrubbers Work

The wet scrubber is suitable for the acid mist treatment scheme. The acid mist exhaust gas is collected by the suction hood or other gas collecting devices and then passes through the PP air duct. Under the action of the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan at the end, the acid mist exhaust gas is drawn into the exhaust gas wet scrubber. , the acid mist exhaust gas flows upstream in the purification tower, the wind speed slows down, and the acid-base neutralization reaction occurs in the packing layer with a large specific surface area and a certain concentration of sodium hydroxide alkali solution for absorption, and then the water mist is removed through the demisting layer at the top of the tower. After exiting the tower, it passes through the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan. Under the action of the centrifugal fan, the gas is sent to the chimney system, and then the treated clean gas is discharged at a height of 15 meters.

Wet scrubber product featuresThe wet scrubber has a reasonable structure design and uses a new type of multi-faceted hollow sphere as the filler. The flow resistance of acid mist exhaust gas in the wet scrubber is small, the specific surface area of ​​the filler is large, the chemical reaction is perfect, the selection of gas-liquid ratio is reasonable, the absorption and purification efficiency is high, and corrosion resistance , Good aging resistance, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

Strong ability to handle acid mist

The wet scrubber is designed with a large cross-sectional area to ensure that the superficial flow rate meets the design requirements;

High processing efficiency

The acid mist stays in the tower for a long time, ensuring the time required for acid-base neutralization and high purification efficiency;

Simple structure

The wet scrubber adopts the backwash structure, which is suitable for small space installation and occupies a small area;

stable operation

The wet scrubber system has a simple structure, is designed with maintenance and inspection ports, automatic control, and stable operation;

Low system resistance

The pressure drop of the wet scrubber gas through the packing layer per unit height is small;


Wet scrubber product structure

The tower body part of the wet scrubber contains: water storage tank, packing layer, spray layer, defogging layer, observation window, inspection port and base, etc.;

The circulating water part contains: vertical circulating water pump, UPVC circulating water pipeline, TF28C spiral nozzle, water tank level controller, diaphragm pressure gauge and pipeline ball valve;

The dosing system (optional) includes: PH online detector, dosing metering pump, dosing mixing barrel, mixer, ultrasonic level gauge, etc.


Wet scrubber installation method

  • Basic positioning of the scrubber system to determine the direction of the exhaust gas inlet
  • Install the front exhaust pipe and connect it to the exhaust inlet
  • The fan is installed at the back end, and the method of negative pressure extraction is adopted.
  • Chimney installation, installed at the rear of the fan, blowing from the fan into the chimney
  • The medicine device is installed, and the medicine filling port is passed into the water tank of the washer
  • The electric control device is installed, and the circulating water pump, fan, and dosing device of the washer are controlled by the electric control panel.
  • Installation of testing port and testing platform.
  • Test the machine, adjust the air volume and flow rate by adjusting the opening of the front air valve.

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