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Wet Scrubber Nozzles

Wet scrubbers are air pollution control devices that are used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust gases. They employ a liquid (usually water) to capture and remove particulate matter, gases, or both from the gas stream. Nozzles play a crucial role in wet scrubbers by distributing the liquid in a controlled manner to ensure efficient gas-liquid contact and pollutant capture.


Wet scrubber nozzles are an essential component of wet scrubber systems used in various industries to control air pollution and remove pollutants from gas streams. These nozzles play a crucial role in the atomization and distribution of the scrubbing liquid within the scrubber.

Water pipe nozzle Wet Scrubber Nozzles

Here are some key points about wet scrubber nozzles:

Function: Wet scrubber nozzles are designed to generate fine droplets of scrubbing liquid (usually water) and disperse them evenly throughout the gas stream within a wet scrubber system. The scrubbing liquid captures and removes pollutants, such as particulate matter, gases, or odorous compounds, from the gas stream.

Nozzle Material: Wet scrubber nozzles are typically constructed from materials that are resistant to corrosion and erosion caused by the scrubbing liquid and the pollutants being removed. Common materials include stainless steel, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and various types of ceramics.

Nozzle Placement: Proper nozzle placement within the wet scrubber system is crucial to ensure effective gas-liquid contact and pollutant removal. Nozzles are strategically positioned to achieve maximum coverage of the gas stream while avoiding excessive liquid carryover or bypass.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance and inspection of wet scrubber nozzles are essential to ensure their optimal performance. Nozzles can become clogged or worn over time, affecting their spray pattern and droplet size distribution. Cleaning or replacing the nozzles when necessary is important to maintain efficient scrubber operation.

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