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PP scrubber packing

Taylor wreath packing is a large oblate sphere composed of 12 small rings arranged in a radial direction. The main characteristics of the packing are that the packing has a large porosity, is not easy to be blocked, and has the advantages of large flux and low resistance.


PP scrubber packing refers to the packaging or containment of scrubber units or components using polypropylene (PP) material. In the context of industrial air pollution control, a scrubber is a device used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust gases or process streams.

PP scrubber packing plays a crucial role in the overall performance and efficiency of scrubber systems. It involves the use of structured packing made from polypropylene, which provides a large surface area for contact between the gas stream and the scrubbing liquid.

Here’s how PP scrubber packing typically works:

Polypropylene structured packing: PP structured packing consists of a series of corrugated or textured sheets that are assembled in a specific pattern. These sheets create channels for the gas and liquid to flow through, maximizing the contact between them.

Gas-liquid interaction: The polluted gas stream enters the scrubber and comes into contact with the scrubbing liquid, which is typically water or a chemical solution. As the gas flows through the structured packing, it passes over and through the channels, allowing for intimate contact with the liquid.

Pollutant removal: During this contact, chemical reactions or physical processes occur, depending on the specific pollutants being targeted. The scrubbing liquid absorbs or reacts with the pollutants, effectively removing them from the gas stream.

Separation and collection: Once the gas has passed through the scrubber packing, it exits the system, now cleaner and with reduced pollutant levels. The scrubbing liquid, now containing the captured pollutants, is collected and further treated or disposed of according to environmental regulations.

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