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PP polypropylene welding rod

PP polypropylene welding rod is commonly used in PP pipeline welding, PP water tank production and equipment manufacturing and other industries. They are a cost-effective solution for repairing or joining PP components, ensuring the integrity and durability of welded components.


PP polypropylene welding rods, also known as PP welding filler rods, are used in the process of joining or repairing polypropylene (PP) plastic components. These rods are made from polypropylene material and have similar properties to the base PP material, enabling them to melt and fuse with the parent material during the welding process.

Product name: PP Polypropylene Welding Rod
Material: PP or PPs flame retardant material
Working temperature: – 15℃ to 80℃
Structure: Injection molding
Characteristics: Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, excellent sound insulation performance, smooth outer wall,
anti-condensation , less heat loss, light weight, easy installation and operation , and has weldability,
Color: Beige/Grey/White
Product certification: ISO9001 , ISO14001 , RoHS, SGS, REACH
Application fields: Any field that needs ventilation under normal temperature conditions, such as laboratory ventilation , workshop and warehouse ventilation , daily life exhaust, etc.
Size(outer size) Unit Length(m) Weight(kg) Functin
3*5mm roll 150 5 Welding consumables
3*6mm roll 150 5
4*6mm roll 150 5
R4 roll 150 5
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