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Packed tower packing

Packed tower packing are specially designed to reduce pressure drop and increase plant capacity. It is a plastic product. This product is also very useful in improving gas-liquid distribution in packed beds due to its structural design that increases the contact points between gas and liquid.


The packed tower packing has quite a number of unique features that make it very strong lightweight and durable. Some of its notable features include:

  • Large surface area
  • Very high gas velocity
  • Lightweight.
  • Small wind resistance
  • Great hydrophilic energy

The large surface area is because it has been made by a margin too thin and strong spheres together to give a very large ball with a large surface area.

The material they are made of is very light making them lightweight. Polypropylene is generally known to be lightweight, and the technology used to make the polyhedral hollow ball packing makes it even more lightweight.

Its big wet surface area makes it capable of resisting small winds. They can barely take them off the surface thus making it very good in for ponds.


Some key features of packed tower packing include having high gas velocities and multiple vanes, which make them very effective for water treatment.

When used in wastewater treatment, they have a large surface area that can be used to generate gas-liquid exchange.

They can be used for a variety of operations, making them versatile. They can be adapted to most company operations without any changes to them.

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