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Horizontal Wet Scrubber

Horizontal Wet Scrubber are horizontally mounted wet scrubbers suitable for installation in tight spaces, mostly for indoor installations. The same workflow as a wet scrubber can be used to handle soluble gases, liquid particles, solid particles and odor control. Horizontal Wet Scrubber can be custom machined in size upon request.


How it Works

Horizontal Wet Scrubber maintain stack emissions at specific legal emissions levels for all input concentrations. Unlike vertical scrubbers, cross-flow industrial scrubbers are not limited in height and can be installed indoors or in space-constrained locations.

Applications include a wide range of manufacturing and process industries; semiconductor, metal finishing, and chemical industries that generate corrosive fumes and gases, as well as odorous gases.

Horizontal industrial scrubbers have two stages. The first stage removes most of the contaminants from the airflow and allows for continuous wetting to prevent clogging. The second stage is the mist eliminator.

In a wet scrubber, water or scrubbing liquid removes contaminants from the air. When water is recirculated, fresh water needs to be added to remove contaminants and make up for evaporative losses. Fresh water can be added to the cycle continuously or periodically.

Wet scrubber are often used to remove acid fumes. A strong base is added to the circulating wash solution to neutralize the acid and maintain a neutral pH. Wet scrubbers are inherently highly resistant to corrosion.


Horizontal Wet Scrubber are manufactured from homogeneous, virgin grade, UV resistant polypropylene homopolymer, mild steel or stainless steel. It is necessary to select the materials for production according to different exhaust gas types and gas temperatures. Among them, the wet scrubber made of PP polypropylene material has the lowest price, and the price of stainless steel material is relatively high.

Wet scrubber housings are made of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ,stainless steel or mild steel. XICHENG EP LTD technicians will help you choose the best material according to your specific situation.

Fans (if selected) are made of FRP, PVC/PP and coated steel impellers, stainless steel or equally suitable materials.

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