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DN 250 Polypropylene Air Ducts

Material: PP or PPs flame retardant material

Color: Gray/Beige

Form: Air duct

Length: 3000mm/Customized

Diameter: 250mm

Thickness: 4mm

Process: Extruded


Product name: Polypropylene air ducts
Material: PP or PPs flame retardant material
Working temperature: – 15℃ to 80℃
Structure: Injection molding
Characteristics: Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, excellent sound insulation performance, smooth outer wall,
anti-condensation , less heat loss, light weight, easy installation and operation , and has weldability,
Color: Beige/Grey
Product certification: ISO9001 , ISO14001 , RoHS, SGS, REACH
Application fields: Any field that needs ventilation under normal temperature conditions, such as laboratory ventilation , workshop and warehouse ventilation , daily life exhaust, etc.
Size(outer size) Thickness Unit Weight(kg) Length Functin
φ110mm 3mm piece 2.6 3 meters For ventilation
φ160mm 3mm piece 4.5 3 meters
φ200mm 3.3mm piece 6 3 meters
φ250mm 4mm piece 9 3 meters
φ315mm 4.2mm piece 12 3 meters
φ355mm 4.2mm piece 14.4 3 meters
φ400mm 4.5mm piece 16.8 3 meters
φ450mm 4.8mm piece 20 3 meters
φ500mm 5.5mm piece 23.5 3 meters


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