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Installation and commissioning of wet scrubber

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The wet scrubber equipment includes:

  • The main body.
  • A filling layer.
  • A defogging layer.
  • A circulating sprinkler pipeline.
  • A circulating water tank.
design a wet scrubber

Washing tower body

The washing tower body contains the exhaust gas inlet, outlet, window, maintenance inlet, and the washing tower’s structure for supporting and fixing to ensure the corrosion resistance of the equipment itself and increase its service life.

Filling layer

∮75 Raschig ring is used as the washing tower’s packing material, and its material is PP.

∮75 PP Raschig ring has prominent surface area characteristics, low-pressure loss, and low material transfer height. Compared with its filling material, ∮the 75 PP Raschig ring has higher processing efficiency and lower operating cost.

Defogging layer

Use ∮50 PP hollow ball or ∮50 PP small Raschig ring as the demister packing. It has a larger surface area for the water in the air, which can condense the water mist.

Circulating sprinkler system

The pipe material is PP, and the primary function is to send circulating water to the sprinkler system. The nozzle used in the sprinkler system adopts a spiral nozzle. This nozzle has the characteristics of not easy to be clogged, large spray angle, and uniform droplet distribution, so that The scrubber can play an excellent treatment effect.

Circulating water tank

The circulating water tank is connected to the washing tower body. The capacity of the water tank is 2-3 minutes of circulating water. The inside of the water tank is equipped with a float-type liquid level controller and is reserved for washing water inlets, water level overflow outlets, and sewage discharge outlets.

gas cleaning system

What are the precautions for the installation of wet scrubbers?

1. Process the construction materials and save steel pipes as much as possible because the distance between the nozzles is generally 3.2-3.6 meters, and the steel pipes are fixed to six meters. In this way, the use of steel pipes must be calculated, and only the use of lines can be saved. Effective. Mark the pipes at the same time as the pipes are being processed to save time during installation.

2. When the pipeline is processed, some personnel can be arranged to install the pipeline support and hanger so that the processed pipe can be installed directly. After the mount and hanger are installed, install the mainline first, and try to connect the tube to the main line after the ground is assembled. This can save labor.

3. Pay attention to safety, work at heights and use electricity safely, and prevent mechanical damage (tooth saws, threading machines, and groove presses). Pay attention to the depth and shape of the groove when pressing the track to avoid water leakage caused by unqualified processing. Also, pay attention to The quality of the thread. After the pipe network is installed, the pipe pressure test must be carried out to ensure that the pipe network does not leak.

4. When cooperating with other professional construction, we must pay attention to the protection of finished products. When decorating and constructing the ceiling, we must leave a hole in the sprinkler’s position and do not miss the sprinkler.

exhaust gas of garment factories

Wet scrubber packing

Wet scrubber filler generally refers to materials that are filled in other objects.

Packing refers to the inert solid materials installed in the packed tower, such as the Pall ring and Raschig ring. Its function is to increase the gas-liquid contact surface and make them mix firmly with each other.

In sewage treatment, it is mainly used in the contact oxidation process, and microorganisms will accumulate on the surface of the filler to increase the surface contact with the sewage and degrade the sewage.

Wet scrubbers need regular maintenance and cleaning. China Xicheng Environmental Protection recommends that the scrubber system requires comprehensive care after one and a half to two years of use to clean blocked pipes.

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