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garment factories

How to deal with the exhaust gas of garment factories?

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With the booming fashion industry, garment factories also produce a lot of waste gas while creating beautiful clothes. These exhaust gases cover multiple production processes such as dyeing, printing, painting, drying, etc., in which there may be harmful substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter, etc. Therefore, how to efficiently treat the exhaust gas of garment factories and ensure the health and safety of the environment has become an urgent issue. This article will focus on the application of exhaust gas scrubbers and their systems in the treatment of exhaust gas in garment factories.

How to deal with the exhaust gas of garment factories

The following are some common garment factory exhaust gas treatment methods:

Emission source control: Controlling exhaust gas generation at the source is an effective method. The production of harmful substances can be reduced by optimizing the manufacturing process, using low-volatile materials, and reducing the process temperature.

Local ventilation: A local ventilation system is set up in dyeing, printing and other processes to remove the exhaust gas from the source and avoid spreading to the entire workshop.

Exhaust gas purification equipment: Use appropriate exhaust gas purification equipment, such as activated carbon adsorption, exhaust gas scrubber, electrostatic precipitator, etc., to remove particulate matter and harmful compounds in the exhaust gas.

Wet treatment technology: For waste gas containing volatile organic compounds, wet treatment technologies such as wet scrubbers and absorption methods can effectively absorb organic substances and purify waste gas.

Monitoring and data analysis: Install emission monitoring equipment to monitor exhaust emissions in real time, collect data and analyze them in order to adjust exhaust gas treatment measures.

exhaust gas of garment factories

How Exhaust Gas Scrubbers Work

Exhaust gas scrubber, also known as wet scrubber, is an exhaust gas treatment equipment based on the principle of liquid phase absorption. Its working process includes three main steps of exhaust gas cooling, purification and dehydration. The exhaust gas is in contact with the sprayed liquid in the washing tower, and the pollutants are dissolved or adsorbed in the liquid, so as to achieve the effect of purification.

Composition of Exhaust Gas Scrubber System

An exhaust gas scrubber system consists of several key components, including:

  • Exhaust air inlet: The exhaust air enters the scrubber system through the air inlet.
  • Scrubber: The scrubber is the core part of the whole system, in which the exhaust gas is in contact with the liquid spray, and the pollutants are adsorbed or dissolved.
  • Liquid spray system: The liquid spray system is responsible for spraying the liquid evenly in the exhaust gas, fully mixing with the exhaust gas, and promoting the adsorption and dissolution of pollutants.
  • Packing layer: The existence of the packing layer increases the contact area, helps the exhaust gas to fully contact with the liquid, and improves the purification efficiency.
  • Discharge port: The exhaust gas treated by the scrubber is discharged from the discharge port, which meets the environmental protection standard.

Application of Exhaust Gas Scrubber in Garment Factory Exhaust Gas Treatment

The exhaust gas scrubber has important application value in the exhaust gas treatment of garment factories:

  1. Efficient purification effect: The exhaust gas scrubber can efficiently remove particulate matter and harmful compounds in the exhaust gas, especially for VOCs and other organic waste gases produced by clothing factories.
  2. Multi-process adaptability: Exhaust gas scrubber is suitable for a variety of exhaust gas types, including organic waste gas, acid waste gas, etc., with wide adaptability.
  3. Dehydration effect: The exhaust gas scrubber can not only purify the pollutants in the exhaust gas, but also remove the moisture in the exhaust gas, reducing the water pollution in the discharge process.

Application cases of exhaust gas scrubber system

Taking a garment factory as an example, the factory produces a large amount of exhaust gas containing VOCs during dyeing, printing and other processes. In order to meet environmental protection standards, the factory introduced an exhaust gas scrubber system. The system mixes the washing liquid with the exhaust gas through the spray nozzle, the harmful substances in the exhaust gas are adsorbed or dissolved, and the purified exhaust gas meets the emission requirements, achieving the goal of environmental protection.

In the exhaust gas treatment of garment factories, the exhaust gas scrubber and its system show obvious advantages. Its high-efficiency purification effect, wide adaptability and ability to remove moisture in exhaust gas make it an important choice for garment factory exhaust gas treatment. By introducing exhaust gas scrubber systems, garment factories can not only achieve effective treatment of exhaust gas, but also reduce environmental risks, enhance corporate image, and promote sustainable development. Therefore, in the waste gas treatment of garment factories, the application prospect of the waste gas scrubber system is very broad.

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