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Particulate Matter Treatment

Foxconn’s waste gas comprehensive treatment solution

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Foxconn, a leading global electronics manufacturer, is committed to sustainable operations and environmental stewardship. In its pursuit of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, Foxconn has partnered with our company, XICHENG EP LTD, a renowned provider of exhaust gas treatment solutions. This case focuses on Foxconn’s implementation of Xicheng’s advanced exhaust gas treatment equipment to address various waste gas emissions generated during its operations. The Xicheng gas disposal system effectively tackles volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), aerosols, corrosive gases, and particulate matter, aligning with Foxconn’s stringent environmental requirements.

Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) Treatment:

Foxconn’s operations involve the use of various organic compounds, some of which can emit volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Xicheng’s exhaust gas treatment equipment employs advanced technologies such as adsorption to effectively remove VOCs from the waste gas stream. By utilizing activated carbon filters Xicheng’s system ensures efficient capture and decomposition of VOCs, significantly reducing their harmful impact on the environment.

Corrosive Gases Treatment:

Xicheng's exhaust gas treatment system

Foxconn’s operations may involve the use of corrosive gases, which can pose a significant risk to both human health and the environment. Xicheng’s exhaust gas treatment system incorporates scrubbers and neutralization processes to effectively treat corrosive gases. The wet scrubbers remove harmful gases by passing them through a liquid medium, while neutralization adjusts the pH levels to render them harmless. This comprehensive approach ensures the safe and efficient treatment of corrosive gases, preventing their release into the atmosphere.

Particulate Matter Treatment:

Cyclone exhaust gas tower

Particulate matter (PM), consisting of fine solid or liquid particles, is another waste gas emission that needs to be controlled during Foxconn’s operations. Xicheng’s exhaust gas treatment equipment utilizes a combination of filtration technologies, including bag filters and cyclones, to remove particulate matter from the waste gas stream. The bag filters capture fine particles, while cyclones separate larger particles through centrifugal force. This multi-stage filtration approach ensures effective removal of particulate matter, resulting in cleaner emissions.

Compliance with Environmental Requirements:

By implementing Xicheng’s exhaust gas treatment equipment, Foxconn demonstrates its commitment to complying with stringent environmental regulations and reducing its ecological footprint. The comprehensive treatment solutions provided by Xicheng enable Foxconn to effectively mitigate the release of volatile organic chemicals, aerosols, corrosive gases, and particulate matter generated during its operations. Through continuous monitoring and optimization, Foxconn and Xicheng work together to ensure that emissions remain well below the permissible limits, fostering a cleaner and healthier environment.


Foxconn’s collaboration with our company and the implementation of Xicheng’s exhaust gas treatment equipment exemplify the company’s dedication to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. By effectively treating volatile organic chemicals, corrosive gases, and particulate matter, Foxconn ensures that its waste gas emissions meet or surpass regulatory standards. This case study demonstrates how industry leaders like Foxconn can leverage advanced exhaust gas treatment technologies to mitigate environmental impacts and pave the way for a sustainable future.

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