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Lot 15, Noi Hoang Industrial Complex, Noi Hoang Commune, Yen Dung District, Bac Giang Province, Vietnam.


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Wet scrubber mist eliminator

Wet scrubber mist eliminator

Wet scrubber mist eliminator is a critical component in air pollution control systems, specifically designed to remove fine mist and droplets from gas streams after

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acid gas removal

What is a wet scrubber?

Wet scrubber is a device used for pollution control and air purification. It is mainly used to remove particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in industrial

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Bể Chứa Hóa Chất PP

Bể chứa hóa chất Polypropylen (PP) là loại thùng chứa được làm từ polypropylen, một loại polymer nhiệt dẻo, được thiết kế đặc biệt để

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