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Square plastic air duct

Application of PP air duct in industry

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Polypropylene (PP) air ducts are widely used in industry. The following are some common application areas:

Chemical industry: PP air ducts are widely used in the chemical industry to convey and process various corrosive chemicals, such as acids, alkalis, salts, etc. PP material has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of most acid and alkali media, so it is used in chemical plants, laboratories and treatment facilities for exhaust gas, waste liquid treatment, etc.

PP air ducts are widely used

Semiconductor and electronics industry: Because PP materials are less sensitive to static electricity and are not easy to accumulate static electricity, in the semiconductor and electronics industries, PP air ducts are often used in gas transmission and exhaust systems to ensure clean environment and control of static electricity.

Cleaning industry: PP air ducts are also widely used in the cleaning industry, such as laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and other places that need to maintain a clean environment. PP material has a smooth surface, is not easy to absorb dust and microorganisms, and is easy to clean and disinfect, so it is suitable for ventilation systems in clean rooms and laboratories.

exhaust systems

Food processing and catering industry: PP air ducts are used in food processing and catering industries to discharge smoke, oil fume and peculiar smell, etc. PP materials meet the requirements of hygienic standards, have no pollution to food and beverages, and are easy to clean and maintain, so they are widely used in kitchen exhaust systems and ventilation equipment in food processing plants.

When applying PP air ducts, the appropriate specifications and thickness should be selected according to specific requirements to ensure its pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, relevant installation and use specifications should be followed to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

PPs plastic duct

How to weld PP air duct

PP ducts are usually connected by Hot Gas Welding. The following are the welding steps of PP air duct:

  • Preparation: Make sure that the welding equipment and tools are complete. Tools that need to be prepared include PP air ducts, heat guns, welding rods (PP welding materials), cutting tools (such as saws or cutters), rulers, markers, etc.
  • Measurement and marking: According to the required size, use a ruler and a marking pen to measure and mark on the PP air duct to determine the position and length to be welded.
  • Cutting: Use a suitable cutting tool to cut the PP duct according to the mark, making sure the cut is flat and vertical.
  • Hot-melt welding: Align the ends of the two prepared PP air ducts to ensure that the joints fit perfectly. Use a heat gun to heat the soldering area and place the soldering rod over the joint. The PP welding material is melted by heating to melt and fuse with the surface of the air duct. Move the heat gun and welding rod to maintain a suitable temperature in the welding area, so that the welding rod melts evenly and fills the joint gap.
  • Compacting the welded area: After the weld is complete, compact the welded area with an appropriate tool such as a welding roller or compactor to ensure a solid and airtight weld.
  • Inspection and cleaning: After welding, carefully check whether the welding is firm and free of air leakage, and remove excess welding material that may be produced during the welding process.

It should be noted that before welding PP air ducts, it is necessary to ensure that the operator has relevant welding experience and skills, and at the same time follow the instructions for use of welding equipment and materials. In addition, choose appropriate welding parameters and tools to ensure welding quality and connection reliability. If you do not have welding ability or have special requirements, it is recommended to consult a professional welding engineer or manufacturer for technical support.

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