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Lot 15, Noi Hoang Industrial Complex, Noi Hoang Commune, Yen Dung District, Bac Giang Province, Vietnam.


+84 359 572 195

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+84 359 572 195

Polypropylene plastic sheet
PP duct + duct accessories
Exhaust gas scrubber
Polypropylene Plastic Water Tank
Polypropylene plastic sheet

Polypropylene Plastic Sheet

PP duct + duct accessories
PP Plastic Air Duct and Fittings
Exhaust gas scrubber
Wet Scrubber System
Centrifugal Blower
Polypropylene Plastic Water Tank
Custom Polypropylene Water Tank
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About Us

Vietnam Xicheng Environmental ProtectionTechnology Co.,LTD

Our company’s main products: exhaust gas scrubber, activated carbon adsorption equipment, ventilation pipe and a series of plastic injection molded parts and processing parts, like ventilation accessories, plastic sheet and tank, etc. The products have the advantages of convenient use, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, good electrical insulation performance, strong rigidity, high flexibility and good welding processing performance.

These products are widely used in electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, rubber and plastics, etc.

Our employees, dealers and resellers share our passion for customer service and providing complete solutions to our mutual customers.

Hot Recommend

PP-sheet pearl yellow

PP sheet

PP Sheet Lightweight, strong plastic sheet with excellent chemical resistance.

PP duct

PP ducts are anti-corrosion plastic ducts for ventilation, exhaust and smoke.
FRP anti-corrosion fan


A centrifugal blower is a mechanical device used to move air or exhaust gases.
PP electric damper with actuator

Damper Valve

Air dampers are mechanical devices used to regulate and control the flow of air or gas.

Wet scrubber

A wet scrubber is a type of pollution control device that is used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust gas.
Activated carbon adsorption equipment

Activated carbon adsorber

Activated carbon adsorbers can be used to filter odorous gases and VOC exhaust gases.

PP Tanks

PP tanks, also known as polypropylene tanks, are storage vessels made from polypropylene material.
water pump

Water Pump

This water pump adopts special anti-corrosion treatment and can be used in acid-base environment.

Why Choose Us

we have the expertise and tools to make it happen.


Through continuous improvement and product testing


We provide rugged, durable products designed for a long life.


We take pride in offering the best products at great prices.


All of our equipment undergoes rigorous in-house testing and safety verification.

Polypropylene Duct Installation and Maintenance
Winning Awards

Exclusive Skills

Industry-leading innovative waste gas treatment solutions

Years of experience

We develop systems that better meet needs

Leading equipment manufacturer

Provide reliable equipment of the highest quality

Cooperation Case

Foxconn’s Waste Gas Comprehensive Treatment Solution

Foxconn, a leading global electronics manufacturer, is committed to sustainable operations and environmental stewardship.

Xicheng's exhaust gas treatment system

Shenzhen University of Technology Case

Shenzhen University of Science and Technology implements the ventilation equipment installation project, including equipment supply.

University of Macau case

We provide the latest PPS flame retardant material PPS ventilation system accessories for the University of Macau.

China BYD project case

The processing of lithium batteries produces a large amount of dust particles, and the exhaust gas has a pungent smell.

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Packed bed scrubber packing material

Packed bed scrubber packing material

Packed bed scrubbers are used in air pollution control and industrial gas cleaning applications to remove contaminants from gas streams. The packing material used in these scrubbers plays a critical role in facilitating the contact between the gas and the scrubbing liquid, thereby enhancing the efficiency of pollutant removal.  Here are some common types of […]

Absorption column calculations

Absorption column calculations

Absorption columns are used in various chemical engineering processes, typically for the removal of one or more components from a gas stream by dissolving them into a liquid solvent. The design and calculations for absorption columns involve several parameters and considerations.  Absorption columns summary of calculations involved: Mass Balance: The first step in absorption column design […]

Absorption column design and production

Absorption column design and production

Designing and producing an absorption column involves several stages, from conceptualization to fabrication and commissioning. Here’s a generalized overview of the process: Conceptual Design: Detailed Design: Engineering and Fabrication: Installation and Commissioning: Operation and Maintenance: Throughout the design and production process, it’s essential to prioritize safety, environmental compliance, and efficiency. Collaboration between engineers, designers, fabricators, […]

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